My Top Ten Favorite Blog Posts!

These are some of my very favorite blog posts from Compassion International. I hope you get the chance to read them. They are full of inspiration and compassion! Check out all of Compassion’s Blog Posts! I really enjoy reading them and I’m sure you will too!

1. Dear God, Why Me?

We are so blessed! It blows my mind to think of the contrast between my lifestyle and the lives of those living in trash filled slums like this one in Brazil. I am so thankful! I don’t want to forget how blessed I am for a single moment of my life. Compassion is a gift from God! My prayer is to help the people who the Lord wants me to help. Praise Jesus, He so graciously gives us His Holy Spirit to tell our hearts His good, pleasing and perfect will.

2. Hope Breaks into a Tortured Life

This lovely mother’s story is a wonderful testimony of God’s work through Compassion International. Sneha found hope for her family’s future because of the Lord using this organization. The best thing was that she was able to hear the truth of the good news of the gospel! She found true hope as she received the gift of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ! This just fills my heart with joy!

3. But Jesus Cares

The city of Codo is known as the capital of Voodoo in Brazil. It is the kind of place that children walk the streets naked because the have no clothes. Sadly, starvation is normal for the people of Codo. They are struggling to live a seemingly hopeless future. Yet, there is hope! The Lord is using Compassion International to bring the truth and love of Jesus Christ to these people. Praise Jesus that He does care!

4. My Mountaintop Experience

Can you imagine digging alongside your children through a mountain of rotting filth for a few pieces of recyclables? Some families in the Philippines find their livelihood atop a steaming pile of garbage, working long days for very little. Compassion International ministers and helps the poorest, most needy families which are found in places like this dump. I am happy to support an organization which is helping struggling people though the love of Christ.

5. Resilient and Bearing Good Fruit

Josue, a graduate from the Compassion International Sponsorship Program, is a true inspiration. This 18 year old is going to University now despite an abusive and challenging upbringing. The absolute best part of Josue’s story is his faith in Jesus Christ and the ways he is serving the Lord. It is so wonderful to see how the Lord is using Compassion to work in people’s lives!

6. The Most Desired Thing

It is such blessing to be a sponsor, writing letters of love, encouragement and hope to these precious children. It’s so encouraging to learn how much of a blessing it is for them to receive our letters! That is my prayer, to be used by the Lord in my sponsored children’s lives. What a wonderful opportunity we have to faithfully and prayerfully write the children we sponsor.

7. Helping Mothers and Babies Thrive

Two of the most painful things which can happen are to watch your child suffer or to loose a child. Compassion International’s Child Development program is helping mothers around the world raise healthy babies. The help offered saves lives, in more ways than one. The good news of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ is shared. Lives are being saved eternally!

8. My Sponsor Wiped My Mother’s Tears Away

Because of Compassion International’s message of hope and truth, Jimmy knew that he was bigger than poverty. He learned with encouragement from his sponsor that, no matter what he was going through, anything was possible with God. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to serve God and show these precious children Christ’s love, hope, and truth! It will change their lives!

9. Poverty is a Lie

Poverty really does lie viciously to those who are living in it. It speaks hopelessness into the hearts of many precious people. Growing up in poverty ingrains a toxic identity of worthlessness in people’s hearts. The only true antidote to this poison is for these suffering people to have Jesus Christ on the throne of their life. Jesus is really the only true hope for any of us!

10. How I Came to Christ

How beautiful it is to read these testimonies! It just makes my heart so happy! God’s saving grace is miraculous and there is nothing better! I am so encouraged by how the Lord is using Compassion International!


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